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©2017 by Marshall Bruno.

Image of Marshall With Bruises was makeup done by Libby Battista.

She did not punch him. 


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The Road to Work.

October 6, 2014

For a year I've driven this one road on the way to work.
At first, I found it beautiful.
Rolling hills, beautiful pastures on both sides, and at one point a field of corn.
I got used to it. It became less interesting to look at as I passed by it.
On my way home from work, I do not take that road.
Today I drove that road in the opposite direction for the first time.
It was beautiful, almost unrecognizable.
I questioned, almost immediately, if I had mistakenly gotten onto the wrong street.
And perhaps it was just the way the sun hit this spot today;
but all the beauty I used to see was there again, but more wonderful now.
It was so much more than I was used to.
By changing my perspective of the street, what once became dull was again worth looking at.
I wonder if I can apply this to other parts of my life.


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